Coax Med

What does it do:
• Reconstruction
• Firming
• Fat reduce
• Lipo sculpture
• Lymphatic drainage
The most exciting non surgical procedure for face and body - it treats the skin and reduced excess fat.  
In contrast with all conventional treatments on anti-ageing, cellulite etc, the multifunctional technology of COAXMED (radio-frequences + ultrasounds + vacuum massage + fat freeze) offers the most amazing results in:
• Open pores
• Fat
• Cellulite
• Before and after liposuction
• Skin firming
How many sessions?
The results are there from the first sessions. COAXMED combines a variety of action methods that change immediately the skin’s elasticity and cellulite. COAXMED guarantees great results in 6 – averagely – sessions. 
Are the results permanent?
The COAXMED results are permanent. However the therapy beneficial effects will gradually reduce from the natural ageing procedure.
Remember: Smoking, alcohol, excess sun exposure and bad nutrition quicken the ageing procedure.  
Is the COAXMED machine safe?
COAXMED guarantees impressive results without any side effects.
Why choose COAXMED;
Clinical studies have shown that the results of COAXMED are beyond satisfying and the methods followed are beneficiary, safe and undoubtedly revolutionary when it comes to fight ageing, cellulite and excess fat. 
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